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About Us

Biblically Inspired is a group for those who wish to share their art or literature that has been inspired by the Bible and its teachings, or their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


1.) It must be your art or literature.

2.) Your art needs to bring glory to God. Only art that contains the Christian message and or is in line with a Biblical Christian Worldview will be accepted. I'm opening the group to whatever submissions you would like as long as this criteria is met. I know that not everyone has the same taste in art and that we are all unique.

3.) You must be a member of the group to contribute/submit art. Please send a request and we'll get back to you asap. If I can see evidence that you are a Christian in either your art or profile, you will be accepted. Every denomination (Lutheran, Catholic, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, etc.) is welcome. We may have our differences, but I think that if you believe that Jesus is the son of God and trust in Him for salvation, you are a part of God's family.

6) Please do your best to contribute to the correct folder(s). If you do not see one that best describes what you've created, please contact us and we'll create a new folder. I may rearrange things as I see fit.

7) Feel free to tell your friends about the group. I've made some changes in hopes that this will become a bigger community that is able to appreciate and discuss one another's talents and interests. In other words, this group is now about fellowship. Thanks for being a member!

This info and rules are subject to change.


Q: What shouldn't I submit?

A: Anything that encourages others to sin or contains themes that may trip up your brothers and sisters who are struggling in certain areas. To give some brief examples of what I won't tolerate, here is a short list: pornography, promiscuity or sexual context, the promotion of bullying, rape, murder, discrimination, hatred or worship of idols. I understanding that some stories may contain these, but I believe that there is a difference between showing that choices have consequences or are wrong, and excusing them. If you have mature or questionable content in your story, please note this to your description, so that your potential readers are in the know.

Q: Can I submit a story that contains magic and or supernatural elements?

A: While I read books by authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Ted Dekker, who either claim to be Christian and or write from a Christian perspective, I also realize that the Bible tells us not to practice witchcraft. That being said, I think that if your story or art depicts a fantasy world or states that God has given someone a supernatural ability to see things others don't in order to illustrate a Biblical concept, you can submit your art. People can tell the difference between a story that is themed fantasy or science fiction, and one that is not. Readers are asked to use their own judgement in regards to what art they enjoy, and to respect that not everyone feels the same way on this sometimes controversial topic.

Q: Can I submit art that was created by myself and another person?

A: If you want to submit art that belongs to someone else that you have added features to, you may do so. However, A) You need to ask/have asked the artist if it is okay to make edits to/ resubmit their work. B) You should give the other person credit by listing their name in the description of the art and C) You must spend a decent amount of time in regards to your contribution. 'We want to share things that we are proud of and that you can call your own.

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I'm currently starting my very last Bible class, John, at Liberty University, where I have been a student for five years. Its been a frustrating time for for me, but I have learned some pretty important things, and gotten to know myself better. Here is some advice that I would give to others.

1) God gives you passion/compassion for a reason. Use it. I've found that I'm not content with sitting on my hands when it comes to seeing the church in Europe dwindle. In the future, I'd love to be able to write an article or book on why this is occurring and how to combat it.

As you may have guessed, I rediscovered that I enjoy writing. I may not have a lot of time on my hands, but I keep working on my book, The Chronicles of Aleria. (You can read my currant story 'frame work' on my page.) I believe that stories can change people's lives for the better by allowing them to see things with a different perspective or by inspiring them. The church needs more high quality movies, books, music, etc.

2) Always be teachable. I've had the opportunity to study whole books of the Bible, yet I feel as if I've barely scratched the surface of what it means to know and live for God. The Lord is coming soon, and we must know what we believe, why we believe it, and be able to make arguments for it. This is for the sake of unbelievers and the next generation. With all the Bible studies, books, and study materials that have been put out, there really isn't an excuse.

3) Learn to be content with either little or much. I've worked for a non profit in which I didn't know when I would eat,  sleep or shower. As tough as that was, I learned to save money and only allow myself to buy things that I really enjoy/ will get use out of in small quantities, or that I need. I'm hoping that this will help me down the road, it already has!

4) Don't give up! I started going to college because I wanted to have a stable income and do something I enjoyed while pursing my creative endeavors. I've probably hit just about every financial, family, and mental road block possible, but I strongly believe that its very important to follow your dreams and find the time to do things that are rewarding for you, even if you can't make a living doing it/them. I get mad when my Muse speaks to me and I have to focus on home work instead of writing, but I know that the future will be brighter for me.

5) Do the right thing, even when its hard. I lost my Granny last October, and found that I had to submit to God when it came to how I would handle situations involving other parties. Even if other people are not believers and don't see that you are being faithful, God does.

6) Create healthy boundaries. Treat yourself like you have worth. When other people don't respect you and are continually being unkind to you, there comes a point in time when enough is enough. (Pray about your situation before you leave it. God may have you in your circumstance for a reason.) Enabling people is not loving them and your ultimate aim is to seek the Kingdom of God and God's righteousness!
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Some element of it would need to be YOUR work.  From what you're describing You're only pasting the Word onto someone else's work.
WishesAreChildren Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
As long as you have permission/give credit and feel that you put a decent amount of work into selecting and or editing of the text or other features, I would think it would be okay. 
WishesAreChildren Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Hello, all. :) I just joined Deviant Art about a week ago.  I'm looking for friends and some writers to feature in my Christian Fantasy/Science Fiction group. I know it isn't for everyone, but for those interested, I hope to create a positive place. Once I'm accepted, I may post The Chronicles of Aleria, my YA Christian Fantasy piece. It may or may not be easy to see, but I'm basing the Alerian race on the Jewish people and their history, and 'The Book' on the Bible. The main character, Adril, is a follower of the Deity, which is representative of God. I'm hoping that Christians and non will enjoy it and see positive messages throughout. So far, I would rate it T for teen for some violence, but I tried to be tasteful.
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